10 Reasons Why You Need Sublimated Jerseys


Sublimated jerseys are the most innovative, cost effective, and stylish option for outfitting your team.  Rox Volleyball has been a pioneer for the sport of volleyball by introducing sublimation years ago in 2009.  Back then, before the current sublimation era, teams were simply wearing solid colors with little flare to help separate teams.  Fast forward to volleyball matches now, you will see vibrant colors with intensely artisitc designs that are sublimated into the fabric of jerseys.  We find this explosion of color and creativity to be a thing of beauty and we stay committed to making the most creative team jersey options on the market, while maintaining compliance with jersey guidelines.  Along with our ten reasons why you need sublimated jerseys, you can also view this video explaining sublimation and how we can help your team.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Sublimated Jerseys:

10. – New Styles Every Year

Rox Volleyball’s Art Department creates dozens of new styles each year.  We also keep all previous year’s designs so teams can keep adding to their collection as they grow each year or replace jerseys.

9. – Light Weight Jerseys

With sublimated jerseys, your numbers, logo, and names on the jerseys are sublimated directly into the fabric.  This means your jerseys will not have heavy, thickly coated embellishment decals on the outside.  The sublimated jerseys will dry quickly and also be more comfortable to the athlete.

8. – Compliance

The Rox Volleyball Sales Team and Art Department stay up to date on all compliance and jersey regulations.  Our expertise in this area of the sport of volleyball will help ensure your creative jersey design will not cause any problems on the court.

7. – Never Discontinued

The Rox Volleyball jersey collection is not a revolving door.  It is more like a database of options that grows every year.  Our previous years’ jersey designs are available to any team at any time.

6. – Names & Logo Won’t Fall Off

During the sublimation process, ink is heated to a gas state of matter which is then injected directly into the fabric of your jersey.  This process solidifies a permanent partnership between your colors and the jersey fabric.  Your names, numbers, logos, and colors will all be sublimated permanently into your jerseys.

5. – Stylish

As a pioneer in bringing sublimated team jerseys to the sport of volleyball, Rox Volleyball values the importance of a jersey having an attractive style.  Rox Volleyball has always stood by the slogan, “Where performance meets fashion”.

4. – Showcase Your Creativity

When you order your jerseys with Rox Volleyball you work directly with our Art Department to create the design and look that fits your team’s attitude, look, mission, and style.  You have complete control of how your jerseys will look, and have the option to choose a design that no other team has on any court, anywhere!

3. – Look Good, Feel Good

It’s not debatable.  If you look good, you feel confident.  If you are confident, you are positioned well mentally to compete at a high level.  A sublimated jersey will make you look good.

2. – Quality

Sublimated Jerseys are built to last.  The process itself, injecting gasified ink into fabric, produces a jersey that can take the everyday wear and tear of volleyball seasons.  Jerseys will last longer.

1. – Rox Volleyball Jerseys Are MADE IN THE USA

Enough said.  Support Local. GO USA! 🙂