Big South Top-10 Tribute


High Fives for some of our favorite teams who made it in the Top-10 at the Big South National Qualifier.

17620287_1389780577710478_7864238719426774111_o Teams traveled from all across the nation last week to participate in the Big South National Qualifier. The event took place in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlana, GA. Over 300 clubs attended the event, and some of them are near and dear to our heart!

We were thrilled to see Palm Beach Juniors, Absolute Volleyball Academy of Texas, Colorado Classix Jrs., Frisco Flyers, Optimum Volleyball, 352 Elite, Tallahassee Volleyball Club, Jacksonville Juniors Volleyball Association, Orlando Tampa Volleyball Association and The Academy for Volleyball Cleveland. Some teams were roxin’ out in their new, one-of-a-kind exclusive 17636792_1389780607710475_8834030288260620873_ojerseys! Looking good teams!

After running in to some of our faves, we stopped to watch some intense match-ups! We wanted to bring our favorite stats to you, just in case you missed the big event!

Clubs We Love! Top-10 Standings:

12 American

5th Frisco Flyers: 12 Rox

5th JJVA: Team Rox 12N

9th OTVA: 12N. Rox White

9th OTVA: 12 S. Rox Blue


17436135_1389781094377093_2244332011058612341_o 12 National

1st OTVA: 12. S. Rox Red (Accepted National Bid)

3rd: AVC Clev Rox 12 Skip




13 American

1st Palm Beach Juniors 13 Elite

5th: Frisco Flyers 13 Rox

5th: OTVA OT 13. T. Rox Red



13 Open

1st: OTVA: 13 S. Rox Red (Previously Accepted 13 Open Bid)

5th JJVA: Team Rox 13N



17620244_1389780111043858_4649842143123915851_o14 American

1st: OTVA: 14 T. Rox Red (Accepted American Bid)

5th: JJVA Team Rox 14N

5th: OTVA 14L. Rox Blue

9th: 14 S. Rox White

14 Open:

3rd OTVA: 14S. Rox Red (Accepted Open Bid)

8th Frisco Flyers: 14 ROX




14 USA

3RD JJVA: Team Rox 14N (Accepted USA Bid)

9th AVA: 14 TeamRox



15 American

5th OTVA: 15 S. Rox White

5th OTVA: 15 L. Rox White

9th OTVA: 15 T. Rox Blue

9th Frisco Flyers: 15 Rox




15 Open

1st OTVA: 15 S. Red Rox (Accepted Open Bid)

10th OTVA: 15 S. Rox Blue



15 USA

1st Palm Beach Juniors (Accepted USA Bid)

5th JJVA: Team Rox 15N

5th AVA: 15 Attack

9th OTVA: 15 T. Rox Red


16 USA

2nd OTVA: 16 T. Rox Red (Accepted USA Bid)

4th OTVA: 16 S. Rox Blue

5th JJVA: Team Rox 16N

9th Palm Beach Jrs: 16 Elite


17 American

9th OTVA: 17 S. Rox White


17 Open

9th OTVA: 17 T. Rox Red


17 USA

5th OTVA: 17 S. Rox Blue

5th Palm Beach Jrs: 17 Elite