AVP Huntington 2016 – Athlete Recap


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This past weekend the 2016 AVP Huntington Beach Open was exciting, and Team Rox Volleyball had another strong showing from all its Athletes. From the crafty Crabb brothers finishing in the top 3 for the second event in row, to all the Rox Volleyball women’s teams continuing to compete strongly, the California coast was running rampant with Rox success. For more specific statistics and finishing scores, be sure to visit the AVP official website by clicking here.

On the FIVB side of things, Brooke Sweat continues to hold strong in her position to take a spot with the USA Olympic squad this summer. Sitting as the 2nd overall USA Women’s team, Sweat and her partner Lauren Fendrick sit to take their skills to the sands of Rio de Janeiro in the 2016 Summer Games. Outside of their representation of the United States, the duo sits as the 14th ranked team in the world. For more information on Brooke and how her team is doing, be sure to check out her official page via the FIVB link here.

Remember, we will be releasing an update after every major AVP event this year, so be sure to tune in for the next one after the Cincinnati Open, May 16th-21st. This event will be in the form of an Olympic Qualifying event through the FIVB, so it is sure to draw some of the best in the world! It is the final Olympic qualifying event on American soil, so be sure to tune in!

If you happened to miss out on our first episode of “Rox Volleyball Athlete Weekend Update” you can check it out below. As with the Huntington Beach Open, you can follow the link to the AVP New Orleans Open page to get more detailed information about the Rox Athletes. Stayed tuned for the next episode and continued success from our Rox Volleyball Athletes!