College Recruiting Video Essentials


Each year, college coaches receive anywhere from hundreds to thousands of recruiting videos. Your video is the first impression you will have with these coaches, it is essential that your film is effectively showing your skill-set. No one wants their video turned off after just a few clips. Making sure you include the right kind of content will make the difference in getting you noticed.

Our event marketing specialist and former college recruiting coordinator, Jessica Hohl, has some great tips for when making a volleyball recruiting video.

Below, Jess lists important information that you should include in your video introduction and the body of your e-mail for coaches to reference. Most importantly, this information is needed to identify you in their databases, which includes thousands of prospective student athletes. Almost all collegiate coaches use University Athlete (A recruiting software and app) to help identify recruits and organize their database. It is free to register and takes 10 minutes. We highly recommend you do this along with including the information below attached to your e-mail:

In the video introduction and body of your e-mail include:

  • Your name
  • Graduation year
  • Position- Ex: MB, OH, setter. Referencing your position helps a coach in their recruiting needs. We highly discourage using the term, “utility.”
  • High School or club information and your schedule is very important. Most coaches recruit during the club season.
  • Number of your jersey in the video – include any different jersey numbers you may wear at club tournaments.
  • Height

Additional information to include in the body of your e-mail:

  • Email
  • Phone number and availability
  • Mailing address
  • Club and high school coach’s name and contact information.
    • Giving them this information will help jump start your recruiting process, as collegiate coaches cannot contact you directly until your senior year
  • Approach Touch and Block Touch (If you are in a front row position)

A lot of coaches will not finish watching an entire video without these stats or position-specific skills. For example, if you are a defensive specialist and start out serving, a coach may not be so keen to watch the rest of your video in its entirety. Also, shoot the video from an end zone or behind the service line. This is how college coaches prefer to watch videos. This way, they are able to see the play develop and the athlete’s form.

To complete your recruitment video make sure to add some raw, live footage from club tournaments that highlights your position-specific skills. Since the sport of volleyball is random, the best way for college coaches to see you perform is in a random setting against different competitors. Showing unedited game footage that accurately displays your position’s skill-set is a must. The quality of your game footage is what will help you stand out amongst other recruits contending for the same position.