How To Enter #DeclareYourDestiny Contest


Want to win a $2,500 scholarship/prize-pack and be featured as a star in this year’s Rox Volleyball Ad Campaign? 

It’s simple to enter! Just follow these three easy steps: 

  1. Publish a photo on Twitter, Instagram, or directly here.
  2. Use the hashtag #DeclareYourDestiny.
  3. In the caption tell us about an experience in your life that brought you to where you are today, whether that be a failure or success in either your past or present. It could be those 5 am runs, working two jobs, overcoming an injury, or anything that has shaped who you are and is going to help declare your future. 

We are here to help tell your story. The story of our athletes, our players, our company, and the volleyball community.  

We want to embrace your conquered obstacles, victories celebrated, and all the awkward phases along the way when trying to achieve your goals. These opportunities have shaped you and ultimately, declare your destiny 

Over the past decade, we have grown together and evolved with YOU. Through all the trials, accomplishments, successes, and failures, our past is what catapults us forward and how we declare our destiny.  

Don’t miss your chance to win the $2,500 scholarship/prize-pack and appear in this year’s Rox Volleyball Ad Campaign. To see some submission examples, check out entries here. 

Be bold, be proud. Motivate yourself and inspire others. Come on, show us how you declare your destiny!