What You Should Be Feeding Your Athlete This Club Season



Club season is right around the corner. With those long, grueling tournament days ahead it is important to ensure your athlete is fueling themselves properly. In todays fast paced world it is often easier to grab something quick while you’re on the go. Especially, if you’re trying to find a snack between games and don’t have the time to pester with sit down restaurants or home cooking. But this grab and go habit can be dangerous if you find yourself snacking on grease and goo rather than the nutrients your body needs for peak performance. We have a few suggestions that might help take the work out of smart-snacking this tournament season.

  1. Peanut Butter Honey Sandwiches

This is an easy take on a classic sandwich that is tournament friendly because it requires no fridge. You can mix it up by adding granola for that extra punch of protein, or chocolate for the ones who need a little push to wake up in the morning. This combination of healthy fat and protein will be sure to fuel you longer.


  1. Dry Cereal

This finger food is great for a quick snack between game sets. Take your favorite healthy cereal and mix it up with nuts + raisins or eat alone. Just try to avoid those sneaky sugary cereals!


  1. Popcorn

This snack food is rich in antioxidants and fiber! Avoid the butter, and instead try lightly coating it with olive oil cooking spray. You can mix it up by sprinkling on your favorite spices like chili powder or garlic + Parmesan cheese.


  1. Energy Chews

Many notable “athlete-friendly” brands like Gatorade and Clif make these. They’re a gummy chew that is packed with simple carbs and proteins that can be broken down quickly to provide energy to those weary muscles in times of need.


  1. Coconut Water

Coconut water is high in potassium, which is important in helping avoid muscles contractions. Pack a bottle and a zip-lock baggie of your favorite protein powder. Just like that you’ve got a great pre-workout mix that is easily digested and helps you stay hydrated. Make sure to drink it one hour before your play time to optimize the effects on the body.


As someone who was in the tournament scene for years, I can say that adding these little nibbles to my game day bag made the difference in being able to push myself when it came down to the wire in the 5th set. While french fries and ice cream might have been tempting, they did me no good when it really mattered. Finding your own personal twist on healthy snacks will help energize you and have your whole team begging you to share!