The Woman Behind The Superhuman-Jump, Autumn Finney


You all know Autumn Finney as the girl with the superhuman- jump, who went viral! We got to talk with her and she is equally as impressive off the court:

1. How badly did it hurt when you hit the floor after that jump?  

  • Honestly the dive didn’t hurt at all! One of my teammate’s parents told me my whole body landed perfectly flat all at the same time, and that’s probably the only reason I’m not broken.


 2. Would you say you’re getting a lot of extra high-fives in the hallways?  

  • The reaction at school is crazy to say the least! I kind of feel like I’m in a fishbowl, because now if I sneeze someone will say, “I just blessed THE Autumn Finney.” I’m truly so thankful for their encouragement and support.


 3. Which athletes have you heard from because of this play?  

  • Not only did my idol, Kerri Walsh, reach out to me, but I also heard from Casey Patterson!


 4. Being a triple jumper and long jumper is evident in your superman jump, any tips for other people trying to jump THAT high?  

  • To my fellow jumpers just keep in mind that everything you do will show. If you work hard and stay focused on your goals you will achieve great things. If you put in little work, your results will reflect those. Jump roping, any kind of clings, and explosive drills really help. Our coach does a great job of targeting specific muscles in the weight room. Jump roping even just a couple minutes a day REALLY makes a difference.


 5. You play fearlessly – what is the worst injury you’ve encountered while playing? 

  • The worst injury from playing volleyball was actually a couple weeks ago playing Argyle. Mallory (The setter who got the first touch of “the play”) and I dove for the same ball. She ended up accidently punching me in the eye and taking my eyelashes with her. 


6. What inspired you to want to become a marine?  

  • Growing up, I never knew what I wanted to be. I just knew it had to be something with a big purpose that I could get out and DO. I am so motivated by the challenge of it all. I am extremely competitive and this is just something I know in my HEART that I want to do. I want to overcome the most difficult of challenges and in doing so, grow mentally and physically stronger.


7.What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten in your life? 

  • I have been given a lot of advice throughout the years, but I’m actually driven by what everyone has been told as a child, because it has impacted me differently. I’m sure everyone has heard, “As long as you do your best.” At some point in my life I began to question, “Well, what was my best? Who defined what I was capable of?” I learned the answer was me. From then on, I have always pushed myself each and every day to be better than the day before. I wasn’t okay with letting people tell me that I did “amazing”, when I knew I was capable of more.  You should never be content with who you are today, but always look forward to what your determination is going to make you tomorrow.


8. Have any colleges reached out to you after that viral video? 

  • I’ve had quite a few colleges reach out to me since Friday night, which has been crazy! But playing volleyball in college is not my main goal. I’m applying for the NROTC scholarship, which only 25 people get into the nation. This will pay for my schooling at Texas A&M for four years. I’m going to join the Cadet Corps so when I graduate I’ll be a 2nd Lieutenant. Then I will attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) and become an Officer in the United State’s Marines.


 9. If there’s one thing you want people to remember about you, what would it be?  

  • I want people to remember me as the girl who never quit. The girl who always gave it her all and expected nothing in return. Someone who puts others first in every situation. 


 10. What’s something about Autumn Finney that most people don’t know?  

  • Something about me that most people don’t know is I have a deaf brother, so I know sign language and how to read lips.  


 11. What do you think you’ve learned from volleyball that will help you most when becoming a marine? 

  • From volleyball I have learned that no matter the stakes you have to go all out. Even on game point you can’t be timid, you have to play to win. Don’t play afraid. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?  

  • My biggest inspiration is my mom, who raised six kids by herself. When I was in elementary school, she went back and got her Master’s Degree. Now she is the Director of Public Services and Economic Development for the city of Keller. 


13. Have you aspired to be a superhuman/superman/superwoman your whole life?  

  • I have always been driven to play to the fullest of my potential and with all my heart, but never did I think I would be someone’s “hero.” When THE Kerri Walsh Jennings reached out to me it kind of put into perspective how much of an impact you can make when you just show effort and heart.  


14. What’s the craziest reaction you’ve gotten after that play? 

  • The best reaction I got was a subtweet to the video saying, “Had to explain to my 8yr old that she is not actually flying.” It truly touched my heart because it made me realize that people who watched were getting inspired. One seemingly small action I made on the court led to so much more. This goes to show if you focus in and work hard there truly is nothing you cannot achieve and no obstacle you cannot overcome. 


15. Most embarrassing moment?  

  • Probably admitting to the whole world on ESPN that I didn’t have a prom date!