Off-season Advice with Emily Stockman


Emily Stockman’s volleyball career has exploded ever since she was selected as a two-time All-American and Female Athlete of the Year at Wichita State. Her name is known in her hometown of Colorado Springs and throughout the volleyball community worldwide. With multiple top-3 finishes on the AVP and top-5 finishes in FIVB, she is a force to be reckoned with! We sat down with Emily and got her insight on how to utilize the off-time between seasons:

  1. It’s finally off-season! What does your schedule look like?
  • Taking some time off the sand. I’m going back to Colorado to enjoy quality family time and hopefully a white Christmas! I also want to go backpacking through Central America and drive all the way North on the coast highway. I’m very spontaneous, we will see what I get into!


  1. What is the best way for a player to take advantage of this down time and enhance their skills in the off-season?
    • It is so important to take time off. Give yourself the mental, physical, and emotional break your body needs. You will come back super fresh, ready to make gains in the gym and on the court. During this off-season I will be taking advantage of the down time, but also staying sharp by watching film.  I’ll be utilizing this time to focus on the mental aspect of my game.


  1. You are not only a pro athlete, but also a personal trainer, tell us a little bit about that!
  • Being a personal trainer has really benefited me as an athlete because I understand the bio-mechanics of the body. If I feel weak or need improvements with certain movements on the court, I know what exercises to do and how to create that stability in the gym.


  1. What are your three best training tips for off-season?
  • First, stay engaged by watching film. Second, read books on how to manage and improve the mental side of your game. Third, go hard in the gym and work on gains: strength, speed, agility, etc.


  1. We’re going to state the obvious – your abs are fantastic – any tips for us aspiring to get a 6-pack?
  • HA-HA thank you! Staying on top of your workout routines and clean/healthy eating is the best advice I can give. Of course, don’t punish yourself either. If you have a craving for something sweet go for it, just do it in moderation. Like most athletes, I am super competitive. When I’m in the gym I go hard, no short cuts. You must be motivated to push yourself to the limit.


  1. What are your recommendations for a healthy, yet still fulfilling diet while training?
    • I love food. I try to keep variability in my diet, so I don’t get bored. Cooking at home is always going to be your best option, but I know that gets tough sometimes. If you eat out or something sweet, don’t feel bad about it, just (again) in moderation.


  1. Any last words of advice would you like to leave us with? 😊
    • Find something that makes you excited and happy to workout. If you hate running (like me lol) don’t feel like you must go on a run to get a workout. There are so many ways to exercise, make it fun and try new things.