How To Stand Out at Club Tryouts


Now that we are in tryouts for club season, players nationwide are focused on making their top teams. Tryouts can be intimidating. You’re clumped in a group with other athletes and asked to showcase your talent. The pressure is high and securing a spot on the team is on the line. Half the battle is making sure you stand out from the crowd and we’re here to make sure you do. Here’s a few tips on how to make that battle a victory this tryout season. 


  1.  Arrive Early 

Showing up late to a tryout is a surefire way to get noticed, but it’s not the kind of attention you want. If you can arrive a minimum of 15-20 minutes early, it will speak volumes to your maturity and character. Arriving early gives you time to warm up and get focused, letting coaches know you mean business. 

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2.  DON’T bring your cellphone into the gym. 

Leave it in the locker room or inside your gym bag. The last thing coaches want to see is you texting or updating your twitter feed when you should be concentrating on volleyball. 

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  1. Hustle

Coaches always appreciate an athlete who understands the art of hustle. It shows coaches you understand practice time is precious and should not be wasted meandering between drills. Jogging back from a water break doesn’t take much more effort than walking, so why not give it a try? It could make all the difference.  


  1. Be LOUD and PROUD

Coaches do not notice quiet players, so make sure to keep yourself out of that category. Being loud on the court and calling for the ball doesn’t take much skill, but it will make a positive impact. Talking is not only limited to calling for the ball or your set, but also includes cheering on your peers and encouraging them during drills. Being talkative on the court makes you communicate better and can help with your team’s performance. Coaches are always looking for players who are able to raise the level of play from those around them.  

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5. DON’T focus on the sidelines 

Mom and dad might be your biggest fan, but at tryouts try to keep your focus on the court. Coaches want to be able to focus on you and if you are distracted by what’s happening on the sidelines, they will quickly find somewhere else to place their attention.  

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 6.  Be Coachable 

You may be asked to perform a skill that is unfamiliar to you or be taught a form that is uncomfortable. How you react and take direction from a coach speaks volumes to your character as a player. Taking a coach’s advice and applying it shows the coach you are listening and willing to get out of your comfort zone. Believe us, coaches only instruct you to make you a better volleyball player! 


Club tryouts can be nerve racking for everyone. The most important part of every tryout is to take a deep breath and give it your all. Try to keep these simple tips in mind and you are sure to stand out in the crowd this season! GOOD LUCK.