Tournament Packing Check List

Time to hit the road for tournaments! Let’s face it though, sometimes we might procrastinate a little when it comes to packing. Here is your go-to packing list to make sure you’re set for any and every volleyball tournament!
  1. Backpack
     – Vital to keep all your volleyball essentials on the go!
  2. Water bottle
     – Be sure to pack multiple since you’ll be playing all day long! Go a step further and be eco-friendly by finding a reusable water bottle to refill at the fountains around the sports complex. Consider bringing along Gatorade / Powerade powder mix for some added electrolytes!
  3.  Shoes / Socks / Knee Pads
     – Don’t forget to pack an extra pair of tennis shoes or slides (sandals) so you’re not wearing your court shoes outside of the gym! Keep that traction fresh for the best reaction during gameplay. Extra dry socks are always a plus to have to change out between games or if you get caught in a rainstorm.
  4. Headphones
     – Give yourself the chance to tune out the competition and chaos of everything going on around the gym. Think ahead and make a playlist that will get you pumped for your next match!
  5. Snacks 
    – Keeping yourself fueled up throughout the day is very important! Some easy things to carry around include: bananas, granola, protein bars, + PB&J.
  6. Rollers / Jump rope / Lacrosse or Tennis ball
     – Great tools to make sure you’re warmed up properly and ready for you next game!
  7. JerseysWarm-upsExtra Spandex 
     – The most essential thing to pack (espeically to avoid getting yelled at by Coach) is your uniform! Make sure to have your home and away jersey, warm-ups, spandex, and extra undergarments.
  8. Braces / Wrap 
     – Help keep yourself free from injuries and be pro-active!
  9. Personal Items 
  • Chap stick 
  • Band-Aids  
  • Extra contacts / Glasses 
  • Medications (Icy-Hot, ibuprofen, PSX)  
  • Deodorant / Febreze 
  •  Phone Charger 
  •  Headbands / Hair-ties
 Happy packing, bon voyage, and best of luck at your next tournament!